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  • We will strive to promote
    sustainable development by
    the provision of quality services.
  • We aim at conservation of the environment.
    Stable and effective administration.
  • We aspire in promotion of socio-economic
    development and promoting social cohesion.

Kgatelopele Local Municipality

We are Category B municipality found in the Northern Cape Province within the ZF Mgcawu District. It was formerly known as Danielskuil Municipal District or Area.

We aim to improve the quality of life of all its residents

Moving forward

Municipality Slogan “Re gatela pele” “ons gaan vorentoe” “we moving forward”.

Values of the municipality

The values of the municipality are in line with the basic values and principles governing public administration as envisioned in section 195 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa: a high standard of professional ethics must be promoted and maintained, efficient, economic and effective use of resources must be promoted, public administration must be development-oriented, services must be provided impartially, fairly, equitably and without bias, people’s needs must be responded to, and the public must be encouraged to participate in policymaking, public administration must be accountable, transparency must be fostered by providing the public with timely, accessible and accurate information, good human resource management and career development practices, to maximise human potential, must be cultivated, public administration must be broadly, representative of the South African people, with employment and personnel management practices based on ability, objectivity, fairness, and the need to redress the imbalances of the past to achieve broad representation.